Hello everyone

My name is Marie Barlier and I’m a Product Designer based in Paris.

In a few words, I’ve been working as a designer for 8 years.
I’ve worked for a number of different companies, including Publicis Sapient, Razorfish and Regate.
If you want to know more about me or my work, feel free to contact me
on mb.barlier@gmail.com.

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Regate is a SaaS Finance Automation software and mobile app that enables companies to automate their financial management and drive their business from a single platform.

Role: Product Designer
Team: Mathilde Dujon (Head of product), Vittorio Levi (Product Manager), Jessica Cohen (Product Manager)


Discover the new McDo+ France app and access all its services: the Loyalty Program, Click & Collect, Delivery, as well as Personalized Offers. Also discover the new Click & Ready service, which allows you to start preparing your order remotely.

Role: Product Designer
Team: Joffrey Saada (UI), Charlotte Dunet (UX) - Razorfish


The new McDonald’s France website is a corporate website at the service of business that links CSR commitment and e-commerce for more readability, more transparency, and more personalization. A simpler and smoother ordering process, linked to the new McDo+ app.

Website: mcdonalds.fr
Role: Product Designer
Team: Joffrey Saada (UI), Margot Vignon (UI), Charlotte Dunet (UX), Vanessa Sosnovsky (UX) - Razorfish

Société Générale

In 2020, Société Générale ask us to redesign their corporate website. The purpose of this redisgn was to have a clear website, with info easy to find for the three main types of profile; journalists, investors and people who ask for information about the group Société Générale.

Role: UI Designer
Team: Benjamin Cavrot (Creative Director), Samantha Chea (UX) - Publicis Sapient


In 2020, we worked on a pitch for the Centre National d’Études Spatiales, which is one of the pioneers of space. The idea is to demonstrate the ambition of France and its space program as well as the excellence it demonstrates on a daily basis by committing its programs and missions through a new platform with a design that is both statutory, sober and captivating.

Website: cnes.fr
Role: UI Designer
Team: Benjamin Cavrot (Creative Director), Joffrey Saada (UI), Edouard Soumagnac (Lead UX), Louise Griffon (UX) - Publicis Sapient

Banque Populaire

In 2018, Banque Populaire ask us to redesign their commercial website. The challenge was to make complex information accessible to all by designating ergonomically.

Role: UI Designer
Team: Truc Trinh (Lead UI), Etienne Machicoane (Lead UX), Matthieu Allioud (UX) - Publicis Sapient

Burger King

In 2018, Burger King France entrusted Razorfish with the creation of its e-commerce site. The goal was to create a fluid, efficient and rewarding experience for consumers and in particular yougest.

Website: burgerking.fr
Team: Andréa Toutain (Lead UI), Christine Hengen (Lead UX) - Razorfish